Who's coming as of 04/24/2019

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First Name Last Name Class Guest(s)
James Andrew 1999
Jon Arneson 1999 Rebekah Wineburg
Emily (Foss) Beekman 1999 John Beekman
Josina Bohmer-Tapia 1999
Deborah Bojar 1999
Jason Brillantes 1999 Kathleen Brillantes
Kathleen Brillantes 1999 Jason Brillantes
Joshua Collins 1999
Darren Couillard 1999
Gregory Crawley 1999
Juanita Davis 1999 Maria Lewis
Amy (Golembiewski) DiCarlo 1999
Richard Dowdell 1999 Thomas Sarmiento
Heather Dowey 1999
Daniel Dowma 1999
Jennifer (Evans) Fey 1999
Jennifer Hunter 1999
Jaime LaMontagne 1999
Jean Leporati 1999
Elizabeth Mulligan 1999
Mariya Navazio 1999 Daniel Chang
Kyriaki Papageorgiou 1999
Valerie Plummer 1999
Vahe Poladian 1999
Sita Powell 1999
Niloy Ray 1999 Juliane Ray
Gregory Renden 1999
Christina Szitta 1999
Phoebe Vanselow 1999
Jennifer (Glish) Veilleux 1999
Shaun Walsh 1999 Chris Foss, Quinn Foss
Ryan Wartick 1999 Amy (Reep) Wartick
Jordan Wasserman 1999
Rebekah Wineburg 1999 Jon Arneson
Kendra (Price) Wingert 1999
Marie (Zemler) Zemler Wu 1999 Sherman (Wu) Zemler Wu
Sherman (Wu) Zemler Wu 1999 Marie (Zemler) Zemler Wu

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