Who's coming as of 04/24/2019

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First Name Last Name Class Guest(s)
Shari Albrecht 2003 Andrew Krech
Emily Anderson 2003 Adam Denny
Junita (Gustafson) Bognanni 2003 Peter Bognanni
Brienne Callahan 2003 Jeremy Karpen
Edward Chidothe 2003
Jimica (Dawkins) Dawkins Howard 2003 Marcellus Howard
Jack Dickinson 2003
Lucy Dinsmore 2003
Christine (Marvin) Farnes 2003 Brian Farnes
Ann (Townsend) Geht 2003
Barbara Johnson 2003 Chris Johnson
Jeremy Karpen 2003 Brienne Callahan
Andrew Krech 2003 Shari Albrecht
Richard Landon 2003
Timothy Lewandowski 2003
Anna (Meyer) McLafferty 2003 Brian McLafferty
Brian McLafferty 2003 Anna (Meyer) McLafferty
Marshall Mullenbach 2003 Tracy Mullenbach
Erik Nelson 2003 Kristin Cook
Carmen O'Halloran 2003
Sarah Raser 2003 Benjamin Sherwood
Juliana Rokosky Ron 2003 David Ron
David Ron 2003 Juliana Rokosky Ron
Benjamin Sherwood 2003 Sarah Raser
Christina (Gray) Wilkie 2003

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